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We’re combining high-tech and fashion. A $15 t-shirt from ThinkGeek.com now claims no more turning on your computer to see if you have a Wi-Fi signal. It’s supposed to do the job for you. KFDI’s Phil White says he could use something like that.“If we’re in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a coffee shop or a place with free Wi-Fi nearby, it’s real hard to find sometimes.”The shirt claims to help you in that hunt. The design on the front is supposed to light up if you have a Wi-Fi signal and stay off if you don’t. Phil slips on the shirt, pops in the batteries and flips the switch.“Hey! It’s lighting up!”Sort of. The shirt’s lights keep fluctuating, indicating that the signal is, too.“Two bars, four bars, three. The pattern is there is no pattern.”That’s even though his computer has full strength. And when Phil steps outside  the shop with his computer and shirt, the shirt shows  no signal. However, the computer works just fine there and shows the signal is full-strength.  We have two other testers try out the shirts and they find the same thing:  the  shirt shows the signal is variable inside the shop, and non-existent just outside the door. But the computers show strong signals both places.Does It Work?Phil says “no.” The shirt was least reliable when he headed outside and when he’s working that’s where he’d need it the most. The other testers agree.We contacted ThinkGeek.com to get their response to our results. A customer service representative gave us three different email addresses to send to in order to get the company’s reaction. However, no one responded to our contacts.