WichitaKS -

It's one of those jobs you put off whenever you can: washing the windows.

If you're used to lugging around the bucket full of water and rags and suffering a sore arm after hours of that work, we may have a solution.

It's call the Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Cleaning Tool. A lot of words, but the idea is this:  spray the outside of windows with a hose, use the Windex pad to soap up and clean the glass, and just spray with the hose to rinse. 

That's it.  No need to hand-dry. And it's supposed to leave your window streak-free.

Our testers are two Newton Public School employees used to washing all the windows in the district every summer. Andrea even asked us to test this, in hopes her job will get a little easier.

Gary wets the windows on the school with the hose, and Andrea uses the wand to scrub the glass with the soapy pad.  They rinse....and wait.

As the water starts to dry, the two aren't happy. The water isn't streaking, but the tool does leave lots of individual water drops on the glass. That means one thing to Andrea: spots.

That's exactlywhat they start to see all over the windows.  Just to be sure, they ask the opinion of another school employee who says the results wouldn't pass her test. 

Although it is streak-free, the windows are spotty And to be acceptable, all three agree they'd have to wipe down each pane of glass.

Does It Work?  All three of them say "no."

When we called the company, S.C. Johnson replied if spots show up, wash again.  If the pad isn't available, rinse again.  And the company says the quality of water can determine the quality of the results.

Gary says he thinks he gave the product the benefit of the doubt. He says the test was on a cloudy, mild day.  According to him, if it spotted on a day like that, it would really be a problem on a hot day when the water evaporated faster.

Next summer he says, he's reaching for his bucket of water and squeegee.