WichitaKS -

How about an extra hand in detailing your car?  Or at least an extra-long arm?

The Windshield Wonder promises just that---and that it can clean the inside of your windshield with only water.  It's $10.

To find out if it's true, we take a mini-van to Joe's Car Wash and Seat Covers for a "half-and-half" test.   A car wash employee cleans half the windshield with the Windshield Wonder and water and the other half with the normal glass cleaner they use.

Dennis, our tester, likes the long handle.  He says it makes getting to the bottom of the glass a lot easier. 

When he finishes with both sides, he admits its hard to tell which one is cleaner.  However, when Dennis runs his finger across the glass, he feels more resistance on the Windshield Wonder side.  He says it means it's not as clean as the other side.

We bring in his boss, Duane Steven, to see if he can tell a difference.  He doesn't know which side was cleaned with what.

At first he can't tell, but then says he notices a difference.  Duane says we cleaned the driver's side with the Windshield Wonder.  He's right.

He says the difference in the two sides is how it's wiped.  And he says the handle doesn't give you as much pressure as using a rag with your hand.

To get some other opinions, we drive the van downtown and have two more people get inside to let us know what they think.  They both admit there isn't a huge difference, but both say the Windshield Wonder side is "hazier" and has more "glare." 

Does It Work?  That's three thumbs down.

We called and emailed Telebrands, the company that distributes the Windshield Wonder, to get their reaction to our results.  But we never got their response.

Although the margin of victory is slight, our testers  agree, the old fashioned way of cleaning the windshield is better.