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Susan Clark's '94 Jimmy has spent some time in the sun."It's pretty weathered," Susan said.That's why she asked us to test "Wipe New." The commercial says "It's the world's longest lasting solution for restoring and protecting your vehicle."  The maker's claim "Wipe New" can restore faded plastic inside and outside of your vehicle. We bought it online for $19.95, plus shipping and handling.Susan put on gloves to get ready for the procedure. She poured some of the solution onto an applicator cloth. She tested a corner on her faded front bumper, like the instructions recommend."It's starting to look like it used to," Susan said.She started to do the rest of her front bumper, being careful not to overlap her strokes."Now it's looking (like) the color it's supposed to look," Susan said.Next, the back bumper. But the solution didn't seem to make a dent in some of the weathered spots."No, it doesn't seem to be," Susan said.Susan kept going and tried the "Wipe New" solution on her interior plastic. But it didn't give her what she was expecting."Well, as badly weathered as it was, I wasn't sure what I would come up with," Susan said.But she liked the way it looked on her dash. And even though "Wipe New" says you can use it on leather, Susan wasn't convinced. "I don't know if I want to put this on my leather," Susan said.The "Wipe New" instructions also said you can use it on dingy headlights. But it required a little more work. Susan tried it on her father's headlights, since he had a plastic cover."I think he may like this," Susan said.Finally, Susan is done.Does it work?"For the most part it does. So far it does," Susan said."Wipe New" claims it's supposed to last a year. We checked-in with Susan, two weeks after she used the product. After two snow storms, she says the exterior parts of her car still shine, when she rinses off her car. And her interior still looks good. Wipe New: Does it work?