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You sharpen a pencil and sharpen a knife. But have you ever sharpened your windshield wiper?

Lloyd Thompson never has, but his wipers need to be replaced.  So he’s willing to try this week’s Does it Work product:  The Wiper Wizard.  

The $10 device says it will literally sharpen your wiper blades so you don’t have to replace them. The instructions say to run the blade through the crevice of the rectangular gadget. Lloyd see what he thinks is a strip of  abrasive inside the opening. He guesses that is  supposed to rub off the edge of the rubber blade.

When he uses it on his left wiper, he can tell the Wizard is doing something.  Plenty of black rubber rubs off on his cleaning cloth afterwards.

But did it sharpen the blade?

Lloyd says the Wiper Wizard made a difference---just not a good one. “Now the smear is uniform all across the windshield instead of one place. A nice even smear all the way across!”

Lloyd says it made the wiper blade worse.

To make sure we do a fair test, Lloyd tries it out on two other cars that need their windshield wipers replaced.  But despite the extra attempts, the results are the same.

The Wiper Wizard never makes the blades like new---or improves them enough that they don’t need to be replaced. That’s what the commercials claim.

We called the company to get its response to our results. A customer service representative told me we’d need to fax those results to the company headquarters. We did. But the company never responded.

Lloyd says don’t spend your money on the Wiper Wizard. For about the same amount of cash, maybe a little more, he says you can get a brand new set of wiper blades.