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Yoshiblue’s commercial makes some amazing claims aimed at "classy chefs.""They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but who knew they would make the greatest cooking surface ever,” according to the commercial.The Yoshiblue Diamondware skillet says its "nano-ceramic, non-stick surface" is infused with "genuine diamond particles.""I think I would rather have my diamonds in my jewelry than in my pan,” Denise Dias said.Denise is from the Sedgwick County Extension Office.  She is about to put this diamond technology to work.  We paid nearly $36 for the Yoshiblue skillet--that includes shipping and handling.The instructions say you have to wash it first.  Then, you have to pre-condition the cookware with oil.  So, we end-up using oil on this oil free pan.  Denise follows the instructions and heats-up the oil.  When it’s cool, she wipes it clean.  Now, we can begin testing!The commercial shows the egg sliding around in the Yoshiblue skillet"It's not sliding,” Denise said.So she uses her plastic kitchen utensil to loosen it up.  It finally slides all over the skillet."I don't think it quite lives up to the commercial,” Denise said.Denise wipes the skillet between testing.  Next up... gooey pancake batter."It was okay.  It flipped.  It didn't stick,” Denise said.The Yoshiblue commercial says the skillet is easy to clean.  It proves it with a piece of burning cheese.“Whoa!  That's surprising,” Denise said.   The burning cheese easily flips over.Now to hash browns.“It flipped okay... they didn't stick,” Denise said.But with no oil, they don't look as good as the ones on TV.Finally... burnt sugar."I think it would be attached by now and we wouldn't be able to move it around like we are,” Denise said.After all this testing, does it work?"Yes.  It works. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it works."There are a lot of non-stick, oil-free skillets out there.  Denise says a lot of that cookware does require the pre-conditioning step with oil.  And, it's something you have to do throughout the use of that product.  Also, you can only use plastic or wooden utensils on the Yoshiblue.  That's true for most skillets like this-- you're going to want to stay away from anything metal.

Yoshiblue Skillet: Does it Work?