WichitaKS -

It’s a big claim for a piece of jewelry: a bracelet that’s supposed to give you energy, strength, and better balance. 

For $20 (plus shipping and handling), the iRenew bracelet says it’s programmed with natural frequencies to improve your body’s energy biofield. And if you see the commercials, the balance tests show it happening just moments after you put the bracelet on.We found our own set of Wichita testers, who didn’t mind doing a few things that may have looked goofy to the neighbors to see if the bracelet works.

Kyle, AJ and Michael tried handstands, balancing on one foot and pulling each other down to see how good their strength and balance were before the bracelet went on. “You put a leg in and put a leg out,” Michael joked as he did the Hokey Pokey.  “Since it’s early you can see I don’t have my balance!”

Next we handed them the bracelets. But despite the claim of instant improvement, our guys didn’t see anything different. “I feel like I did two minutes ago,” says Kyle.

When Michael repeated the Hokey Pokey test, there was a change though.

“I put my right foot in.  That didn’t work.  If anything I was worse!”

But to be fair, we had the three guys wear the bracelets for two more days.  We wanted to see whether they’d see any long-term change.

When we got back with them, they were unanimous.  Not one person saw any change or felt any different.  That’s even though all three said they wanted it to work.

But Does It Work?

They say no.

We contacted the President of iRenew for his company’s reaction. He says our results aren’t consistent with the experience of consumers. 

He regrets that we ---in his words---“disparaged” the bracelet in this manner. And he says there are a large number of satisfied customers.

But Kyle says if you’re going to spend $20, don’t buy the bracelet.  Instead help him pay for diapers for his five month old son!