WichitaKS -

It's a beautiful Fall in Wichita.

The leaves.

The color.

The gutters.

All those wet leaves and sticks and dirt can plug up them up.  That can create a big problem unless you climb up and clean them out.

Or get a robot to do it for you.

The $70 iRobot Looj is small enough run back and forth inside the gutters, as long you have at least 2 1/4 inches of clearance under your brackets.  On the front of the device:  rubber "flippers" designed to scoop out the dirt and mud.  Those are accompanied by a brush that's supposed to fling out the leaves and twigs.

Larry Keyser, our handyman, tries it out on the ground to make sure it's working.  It operates with a remote control and soon becomes as much as a toy as a tool!

It goes forwards and backwards and then round and round when Larry turns on the flippers. 

"This would freak my schnauzer out!" he laughs.

Eventually we convince him to try it out up above--in the gutters!

It barely squeezes under the first bracket, which we knew would be a tight fit.  After that, dirt and leaves fly everywhere!  One good feature:  you can choose which direction the front auger rotates.  That keeps the debris from flying onto the roof. 

Minutes later the gutter is clean;  the same can't be said for Larry or the ground below.

It makes a mess while it cleans out the gutters, but most of that can be either brushed or hosed away.  

But, bottom line, all that muck isn't in the gutters anymore.

Does It Work?

Larry says yes!

We ordered our Gutter Looj (model 120) from  http://store.irobot.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2874294