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KWCH 60th Anniversary Top Stories

1959 Channel 12 Christmas Parade

60th Anniversary: The Channel 12 Christmas Parade

From the sidewalk outside of the Broadview Hotel, in the early 1950s and 60s Channel 12 broadcasted a live Christmas parade. Large balloons of cartoon animals and floats, Santa, television personalities and local politicians, could be…

60th Anniversary: Who owns Channel 12?

When 19-year-old Navy-enlisted man Bobby Stout was transferred to Naval Air Station Hutchinson, just south of Yoder in June of 1953, he noticed people were excited about something new that was coming.  There was a TV in the barrack's rec…

FF 12 Investigation Thumbnail

60th Anniversary: A look behind Fact Finder 12

Infant car seats that risked serious injury to children during an accident. A roofing scam that left water pouring into a woman's home. Children forced to have unnecessary root canals, crowns and tooth extractions for millions of dollars…

History of the State Fair

KWCH 60th: More than 50 years broadcasting from the Kansas State Fair

Amid the corn dogs, funnel cakes and ribbon winning livestock, Kansans have found Channel 12's most well-known reporters and television personalities at the Kansas State Fair. Since 1961, the station has broadcast live from the Hutchinson…

Old shows on KWCH

60th: Joyce Livingston, Cowboy Frank and Ch. 12 shows remembered

"I just can't believe it after all these years," said Joyce Livingston as she reflects over her years hosting local programs at Channel 12. "I don't think there's a time I go into a restaurant or a store where somebody doesn't stop me and…

Where are former KWCH staffers now?

Where are former KWCH anchors and reporters now?

We often hear questions from viewers asking whatever happened to their favorite anchors and reporters. Some of them stay and make Wichita their home but others move on to new cities and careers.

History of photojournalism

60th Anniversary: The changing role of the photojournalist

Dennis Decker, Director of News Operations at Channel 12, has seen things change in his 38 years as a photojournalist. 

"If you don't like change, this isn't the business to be in," said Decker. "This one of the first industries that seeks…

Hi Fi Hop

Hi Fi Hop gave Kansas teens a place to rock 'n' roll

In the early 1950's a new kind of music called rock 'n' roll was taking over the airwaves. Girls in poodle skirts and guys in wing-tipped shoes danced to songs by Frankie Avalon and Elvis Presley. And for the next decade, a locally…

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