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Two killed in plane crash near Pleasanton

Two people been killed in a plane crash Tuesday afternoon near Pleasanton in Linn County. 

Maize police advise parents to be aware of new app popular with teens

Our Fact Finder 12 team has an alert for parents about a new app your children may be downloading on their phones. 

Kansas Proud 2014 review

Wichita teen helping to supply baby formula for families in need

A Wichita teen is asking for help to provide infant formula for mothers in need through a project she has started that will make you Kansas Proud. 

Eureka student teacher (1)

Former Eureka student teacher charged with innapropriate sexual relations with student

A 25-year-old Eureka woman is arrested and accused of child sex crimes. Akeam Ashford reports.

Kansas bill may force Uber out of state

A popular on-line driving service in Wichita faces a new challenge in Topeka, and it may force Uber to leave the state.

WSU baseball team visits cancer patient

Young cancer patient teaching Shocker baseball players lesson beyond the diamond

Life is not fair, just ask a 10-year-old girl named Hannah Green Clark at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. Hannah is in hospice battling a form of muscular cancer.

WSU will replace Airbus in Old Town

Big changes are on the way for Old Town. Wichita State University announced Tuesday morning that several of its programs will take the place Airbus will leave behind.

Lori Kutilek

Preparing for allergy and ozone seasons in Kansas

Lori Kutilek knows allergy season well. "You're itchy. Your eyes water. You sneeze uncontrollably, constantly," she said. And, in addition to seasonal allergies, she suffers from asthma. "Especially when I come into contact with things I'm allergic to, I wheeze and really have a hard time breathing," she said.

Don't Fall For It: Lottery Scam

Wichita woman loses $1,000 in new car scam

An 83-year-old Wichita woman is out $1,000 in a scam involving a new car. 

Wednesday severe threat

Potential severe storms Wednesday evening

Some strong to severe storms may return to Kansas Wednesday evening.

Grand jury convenes in Topeka

Kansas collected $11M less in taxes than expected in March

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Kansas says it collected $11 million less in taxes than anticipated this month.

The state Department of Revenue said in a preliminary report Tuesday that the state collected $391 million in taxes in March, when it expected to take in $402 million. The shortfall is 2.8 percent.

Since the fiscal year began in July 2014, tax collections have been $48 million less than anticipated,…

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