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wichita salt

Wichita city officials talk about winter salt supply

Joe Pajor is the City's Deputy Director for Public Works and Utilities and says preparing for winter is a year round job.

"Last year there was some difficulty for getting some re-supply of salt and that was true for everybody but this year we think we are in a better position,"said Pajor.

Pajor says they are trying to stay on top of the unpredictable weather by storing extra salt.

Secretary of State Forum

Eyewitness News continues its "Campaign 2014 Political Forum Series" tonight with the Secretary of State's forum.

No charges filed weeks after deadly trailer accident

It has been more than two months since a Reno County couple was killed in Great Bend after a trailer came unhitched, crossed the center line and crashing into motorcycle they were driving.

Two teens arrested in double-homicide

Two teens have been arrested and booked into the Sedgwick County jail for first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Martha and Godofredo Moreno.

Royals: 'We are ready'

The wait is finally over. No more hype. No more talking points. Tonight we will finally get to the best part of a World Series, the baseball.

F16 crash

Military converges on scene of F-16 jet crash

Military personnel are investigating at the site in southeast Kansas where two Oklahoma Air National Guard fighter jets collided during a training exercise.

forecast rainfall

Some rain returns to Kansas

It won't be heavy, but some rain will be back in Kansas for the middle of the week.

Wichita fire union 135

Wichita Fire Fighters Union says City violating member rights

Conflicts between the Wichita Fire Fighters Union and the department's administration are heating up again with new allegations of harrassment and intimidation. The union took its concerns to the Wichita City Council meeting Tuesday.

governor debate

Campaign 2014 - Governor Debate Forum

With Election Day two weeks from Tuesday the candidates for Kansas' Governor are fighting hard for your vote. With most polls showing Republican Sam Brownback and Democrat Paul Davis in a statistical tie, every vote matters.

Bus driver arrested on suspicion of DUI

A bus driver was pulled from his route on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Car Crash image

Man killed in Greenwood County crash

A 46-year-old man is dead after a crash in Greenwood County late Monday. It happened at U-54 just west of the K-99 junction.

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