At a Derby Twins game Sunday afternoon, a 10-year-old boy got a chance to be part of the team, and he’s not done yet.

Elijah Fettes was the honorary bat boy for the first time Sunday and said it was “very fun and very interesting.”

Fettes’ mother, Janice Van Dyke said Fettes lives and loves to the fullest every day because he doesn’t know when his last day will be. Fettes is allergic to almost all food and cannot eat like a normal 10-year-old. He has to have formula put into his stomach to get the nutrients he needs.

“He has a port into his stomach and that's how he has to eat every single day,” said Darrah Klima who is part of a Derby Twins host family. “So he can't eat like a typical 10-year-old can eat.”

Because the formula only gives him so many calories, he cannot play sports like other boys his age. Even so, he still loves baseball. He knew Gene Stephenson and even called him Grandpa Gene. His mom said that’s where his love of baseball began.

Though Stephenson let him come to several games, Elijah said being the bat boy was a new experience for him.

“It was pretty exciting being the bat boy, going and getting the bats and stuff,” Elijah said. “It was pretty exciting.”

Klima said, “He's so happy and he's so good at it. Every time he runs up there, he gives the players a high five and encourages them. But what he doesn't know is he's probably encouraging them the most just based on how sweet and positive he is through his situation.”

Van Dyke told Eyewitness News doctors don’t know if Elijah will ever grow out of his allergies, but she said even with all of the medical issues her son faces, she is a blessed mother to have had him.

Elijah will be the bat boy at the Derby Twins game Tuesday, July 29.