Monday marks the two year anniversary since the Oaklawn tornado in South Wichita. The EF-3 twister caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and destroyed dozens of homes.

Maria Taylor rarely looks at the pictures of her destroyed home because the memories from that night are fresh in her mind.

"The sound, the smells, it is just so traumatic," Taylor said. "But you know we are very blessed, we were able to start from a clean slate and have a new home."

She rebuilt on the same spot where her old mobile home stood before the storm hit two years ago. Her new deck is made from tornado debris.

"When a storm comes, everyone gets all real skittish," said Pinare Mobile Home Park Manager Daniel Hale.

Hale still manages the park. Outside of his office is a plaque that honors how far they have come since the tornado.

Many of the residents went to the park's storm shelter, which likely saved their lives. Hale says the winds were so strong that night, it ripped the door of this shelter right off its hinges

There are still reminders of April 14th, 2012 around the mobile home park. But there is also new life and new mobile homes.

Still, residents like Maria Taylor always keep an eye on the weather.

"When this time of season comes now, I am very cautious," Taylor said. "Watch the news all the time, have my weather radio and that was one thing I didn't have before."

Taylor says she'll do whatever it takes to protect herself from another devastating storm.

The Oaklawn tornado caused $283 million in damage and was one of 42 twisters that touched down that night.