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Mark Larson

POSTED: 03:26 AM CST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 03:49 PM CDT Sep 03, 2014 

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Mark Larson

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Kansas weather is constantly changing and Storm Team 12 Meteorologist Mark makes it his job to keep you one step ahead of what’s coming your way.  “Every day it’s a new challenge; winter time, where’s the rain-snow line going to be and will we need to shovel or sweep the snow? In the spring and summer, where will the severe weather be and what are the threats to our viewers? It keeps me busy… I love it”, says Larson.

He’s been the morning Meteorologist for KWCH, and now the KSCW, for over fifteen years and loves waking up with his viewers preparing them for their day.  

After Eyewitness News This Morning you’ll often find Mark at one of our area schools talking to students about Atmospheric Science and severe weather safety. “I try to make my classroom weather discussions age appropriate.  I take complicated concepts and make them understandable all in a fun and entertaining way”, he says. “I have a passion for sharing what I know with kids. Weather’s all around us, it affects us everyday and I think most of us have a natural curiosity about how it all works and why”.

Larson caught the weather bug as a ten-year old flying in a small plane with his pilot – father during a springtime trip from Chicago to Minneapolis. “We ended up pretty close to some colossal thunderstorms. I got an eye-full, an up-close and personal view of a few monsters. We landed safe and sound after a bumpy ride but that was it for me I knew I wanted to be a Weatherman. I just couldn’t wait to learn and understand what made those storms so powerful and dangerous yet so awesome to watch grow and move”.

Mark is a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle. After College, Larson’s first TV job was in Fargo North Dakota, not far from where he grew up in Bloomington Minnesota, just south of Minneapolis. “I am still a die-hard Minnesota Vikings and Twins fan to this day” says Larson. He enjoys golf, running biking, tennis, and reading and is often just as busy outside of work as he is in the weather office.

Larson says he’s been married to his best friend for nearly 30 years. Their three children ranging in age from a college graduate to high school to their youngest in elementary school keep them hopping too!


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