Law enforcement personnel from Kansas, Texas, Georgia and Oklahoma turned the Kansas Aviation Museum a crime scene today.

They were using a 3D laser scanner to map a mock crime scene involving a plane at the museum.

The training is meant to help prepare investigators to use technology, while working with other agencies in case of a major accident.

Katie Whisman is a Senior Special Agent with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. She was one of the law enforcement officers at the museum today.

"If prepares us to better be able to service the citizens if we're called upon to work together in a real crime scene," Whisman said. "Similar to the shooting that happened at the apartment complex last year in Wichita."

The crime scene she is referring to was a 32-hour police standoff at a south Wichita apartment complex last summer. There was also an officer-involved shooting last month where the Wichita Police Department used a 3D scanner to document the scene.