(WICHITA, Kan.) -

I registered for the Color Me Rad 5K in early March and pictured a warm, May morning decked out in a white t-shirt & shorts - a perfect blank slate to fill with color.

Flash forward 6 weeks, boy was I wrong! With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees and light showers I donned a white turtleneck, undershirt & running pants. My running buddy Emily was smart and wore gloves. I refuse to wear them in May.

The race begins with a pep rally; loud music and color cascade over participants. Emily and I were all too happy to jump around as we waited for our 9:20am heat but when the announcer welcomed all 9:00am runners to the start line well, we made an executive decision to change our time. Shhh! We figured out of hundreds of runners no one would noticed. We were right. And because of the cold we also learned A LOT of other runners had the same idea.

The race went around Sedgwick County Park and every quarter mile a group of volunteers sprayed, shot or threw color on us. Runners may have been vibrant but those poor volunteers were covered in their designated color - think Cookie Monster.

I'm proud to say we ran the entire 5K. The winds and rain actually helped, we wanted to get inside the comforts of our warm cars ASAP! We crossed the finish line splattered with yellow, green, blue, pink and orange. And offered our very own packet of color at the end to toss on each other - I chose pink! I've never done a 5K before but the energy and camaraderie at this race I am sure to do one again, soon! I would prefer my next racing conditions to be above 60 degrees but mother nature doesn't take orders from me. The race also sold 'Rad' gear like headbands and tattoos. Emily & I opted for hot coffee and pancakes instead. Carbo-loading after a race is acceptable, right?

Remember that pink powder I picked at the end of the race? I should have kept the yellow packet I grabbed the first time. The pink stained everything! My friend Emily swears baking soda took the color out of her white shirt but mine is still fuchsia. The color also caused a rash on my face! Nothing Benedryl couldn't cure but next year I will avoid my favorite color!