(MARION, Kan.) -

Bulldog Bella is a lovable companion for Travis Radtke, but he's keeping a closer eye on her after his cat disappeared.

Just down the street in Marion, Melissa Kruse says, "I have gone through--I would estimate--seven outside cats in the last year."

Both neighbors suspect coyotes have been eating their pets.

"Most of the cats, they're raised around dogs," Radtke says.  "A coyote is a canine, and they just think it's a neighbor's dog.  The next thing you know, it's supper!"

Meanwhile, Kruse says she found herself face to face with one of the wily creatures in her garage.

"I was pretty scared," Kruse says. 

She recalls she stood there frozen, and the coyote casually walked out of the garage right past her.

"It's so far into the middle of town," Kruse adds.  "They obviously have to be really brave to come this far into town."

Now she keeps her cats in the house at night.  Kruse also runs a day care at her house.

"If there are small children here in town--like my day care here.  I've never seen (the coyotes) here during the day, but who knows?" she says.

These neighbors say they hear the coyotes howling nearby nearly every night.  They are urging people in the area to be aware and protect those they love who might make easy prey.

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