(Derby, Kan.) -

Angel Hallock's son is best friends with Nathan Dorl. Even though Nathan is her son's friend, she says her whole family will miss him.

Nathan is moving to out of state with his sister to live with their grandparents after an unthinkable experience over the weekend.

Police say Charles Beck, Jr. killed his mother, Lonnie Staggs and stabbed Nathan in the neck.  Despite his injury, Nathan was able to fight off the attacker and helped save himself and his younger sister, Breanna Williamson.

"Nathan is my son's best friend," Hallock said, "he's truly part of our family."

Nathan went to the Hallock's family home Sunday night after he left the hospital.   Nathan didn't talk about what happened at his home but his grandma told Hallock Nathan was a hero.

"I know that he saved his sister. I know that he took her in the midst of chaos of the fight with the suspect," Hallock said, "and took his sister and locked them in a room to be safe"

Now Hallock wants to help Nathan's grandparent's with the move. She's set up a website where people can donate money, clothing and other items.

"You just have to think about your grandparents," Hallock said, "and if your grandparents suddenly had a pre-teen and a teenager dropped in their lap what kind of things would they need?"

Hallock says she's trying to repay a young man who did so much for her son.

"I couldn't ask for a better person to be in my son's life," Hallock said "I couldn't choose a better friend for my child."