(WICHITA, Kan) -

An email sent to homeowners in the Rocky Creek subdivision warns of coyotes in the area.

It says, "Last week one of my irrigation guys was attacked by 2 coyotes near the sidewalk west of the bridge... They tore his pants but did not break the skin."

The email was initially sent to the Homeowners Association in order to get the word out for people to watch the area.

Wildlife officials say coyote attack on humans is extremely rare. 

"Coyotes are pretty shy when it comes to people," said Craig Curtis, Regional Wildlife Supervisor. "Typically if a person runs into a coyote, the coyotes going to run away 99% of the time."

If they don't, Curtis says you should get away from the coyote as quickly as possible. He says if coyotes have a den nearby, they may try to lure you away. Also, if the coyote is sick there's a higher chance for it to interact with humans.

"Every situation is going to be unique," said Curtis. "The urban coyote is a completely different animal than a rural coyote. They’ve acclimated themselves to humans, there’s been more coyote human interactions and that’s been the case in Wichita. We’ve seen more in the last few years then we have in the past."

But he says in the 17 years he's been the wildlife regional supervisor, this would be the first time he's heard of a coyote attacking a human.

Curtis tells us the coyote population is up this year in and around Wichita.

"The population right now is probably as high as its been," said Curtis.




Email claims coyote attack in east Wichita