(WICHITA, Kan.) -

Jane Mosteller is getting to know the police.

“I’ve been pulled over five times,” says Mosteller.

All because of tags that expired almost a year ago.

“I tried to give them money last August and they told us they can't take it,” Mosteller said.

She’s tried many times since then.

Jane and her husband are both disabled, but have been unable to renew their disabled tags.

So much time has passed both the county and state have issued her a letter to show law enforcement when she’s stopped.  It’s a letter Jane says they’ve had to use several times.

The letter, issued by the Kansas Department of Revenue, says, “Due to the unavailable functionality in the Kansas DMV System, this individual is unable to complete the necessary transaction at this time.”

It also says the state has identified the issue as “critical” and placed it at the top of the list for resolution.

“In no way has this been put on the back burner. It's something we've been working on all along and working to find fixes for and come to a resolution,” says Kansas Department of Revenue spokesperson Jeannine Koranda.

The state acknowledges there have been other disabled tags with problems, but says the Mosteller case is unique.    

“It's very frustrating for all of our folks. This is a record they have looked at and tried to change what's going on,” Koranda said.

Part of the problem, according to the state, is the new 3M system.  The state continues to find glitches and other issues with the new system.  One of those issues is what the state says is “a small number” of disabled tags.  It could not give us an exact number of how many Kansans are affected.  

Koranda said in some of the cases they are able to go in manually and fix it, but the Mosteller case is different. 

The system will not allow them to overwrite it because it shows the Mostellers have too many disabled tags due to a vehicle they sold several years ago.

Koranda said the state is working to find a solution for the system issue.  That could happen within the next month.

Jane says it can’t come soon enough.

“It’s totally inexcusable.  I couldn't go to a family reunion because of these tags,” Mosteller said.

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