(WICHITA, Kan) -

It probably leads to more complaints than anything else we do....weather coverage interupting shows.

After dealing with the issue and listening to complaints for decades...here is the conclusion I've come to.

There are really two very different groups of viewers watching at any one time.

One group has the television on because they want to see the sitcom, drama, sports broadcast, game show or whaever is on.

Unless there is a tornado approaching their specific area, they don't want weather interuptions.

Any weather coverage is too much.

Members of the other group have the t-v on BECAUSE of the weather.

They aren't involved with the entertinment shows, and they can't believe we are showing "unimportant" stuff when there is the threat of dangerous weather.

You can't do enough weather coverage for that group.

Whatever we do, there is no way to please one group without frustrating the other.

All we can do is try to provide necessary information in the best way possible.