(Topeka, Kan.) -

Many disability advocates are praising state leaders for making what they call a step in the right direction.

Governor Sam Brownback says his administration will release $37 million over the next two years. That money was set aside by lawmakers earlier this year to address waiting lists.

Brownback says more than 650 people with physical and developmental disabilities will be taken off a KanCare wait list to get in-home medical services. The state will notify those people sometime in the next month.

"The disability community has been urging us to do this and we're saying we think we can get this approval. So, we're going to step out there a little aggressively, earlier, then we can get more people off the list in an earlier fashion," said Brownback.

At the beginning of 2011, the wait list had about 2,700 people with physical disabilities and about 3,400 with developmental disabilities.

By April of 2012, those numbers were even higher to about 3,400 with physical disabilities and 3,900 with developmental. But later that year, an audit took hundreds off those lists because they were either ineligible, had moved or passed away.

Currently, there are about 2,000 people with physical disabilities waiting and about 2,900 with developmental disabilities. The governor says about 650 of those will soon receive state aid.

Brownback says he is confident the move will be approved by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.

Hundreds with disabilities to be taken off wait lists