(MOORE, Oklahoma) -

Residents are still digging through the debris left behind by Monday's EF5 tornado in Moore Oklahoma.

Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Seabrook grew up near Moore and went back to cover the damage.  She says there's not much left.  She saw a strip mall where people went every day to get their nails done or to work out.  She says its unrecognizable.

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Seabrook says this area is her home and you can't tell what things are anymore.  She says entire neighborhoods have been wiped off the map.

One of those neighborhoods is off of SW 5th Street.  Where house 2105 once stood, Christian Shanks struggled to explain what happened to his five-year-old son.

"I just told him we were going to get a new house and I just keep telling him how brave he was," Shanks said.

His neighbors, were buried under stacks of debris. They made it out alive thanks to the help of William Butler.

"I heard somebody yell for help underneath of everything and when I noticed that everybody just started digging. We just started digging and digging until we finally got down to the bottom. I was just praying. I couldn't see anyone. It was very hard," Butler said.

But they all survived, thanks to family members, neighbors and even strangers pulling together to help each other.

"I just thank God for the awesome people they have around here. It's truly a blessing."

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