(EL DORADO, Kan.) -

It felt like being hit by Mike Tyson, as hard as he could.  That's how a Butler County Deputy described being shot during a traffic stop last month.

That shooting started a four day manhunt that spanned three counties, Butler, Sedgwick and Cowley, and finally ended with the capture of Jan Tracy Kilbourne in a residential Wichita neighborhood.

Friday Deputy Jacob Lawrence took the stand against Kilbourne in a preliminary hearing.  That hearing was designed to determine whether Kilbourne will go to trial on attempted capital murder charges.

According to the District Attorney Darrin Devinney, Deputy Lawrence told the court it was the way Kilbourne was driving that morning that caught his eye.  There'd been a series of burglaries along Highway 54 recently.  When Kilbourne suddenly slowed down and pulled over it was suspicious.

Lawrence said at first the traffic stop was fairly routine.  Kilbourne was cooperative, even asking Lawrence to give him a break on a driver's license that had just expired.  Lawrence did, telling him to switch places with his passenger. 

Then,  Lawrence came back with information about a warrant out for Kilbourne's arrest.

Then, Lawrence told the court, Kilbourne leaned across his friend, now in the driver's seat, and shot him through the open car window from less than two feet away.

Lawrence said repeatedly that the shot felt like being punched in the collar bone by Mike Tyson, just as hard as he could.  But Lawrence was wearing his protective vest and was only badly bruised.

Lawrence told the court as he backed away from Kilbourne's car, Kilbourne got out and came toward him with his hands out as if he were going to shoot again.

That's when Lawrence said he fired back, Kilbourne yelled, 'I'm hit! I'm hit!', and then ran away into the pre-dawn darkness.

When police officers in Wichita finally caught Kilbourne four days later he had a wound to his left hip that appeared to be from a bullet.

A detective told the court Kilbourne was driving a woman's car when Wichita police caught up with him. Officers found the gun used in the shooting in her house.

Judge David Ricke decided there was enough evidence to take this case to trial on December 16th.   Kilbourne pleaded not guilty.  He is currently being held in the Butler County jail on a $1,000,000 bond.

District Attorney Devinney told Eyewitness News Deputy Lawrence has an exceptional ability to "recall the incident with such incredible detail in that high of a stress situation."  He said Lawrence is probably one of the best witnesses he's ever come across.

Video: Man accused of shooting Butler County deputy bound over for trial