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Spirit Aerosystems has announced it is laying off 150 salaried and management workers. The announcement affects employees at the company's Wichita plant.

In a statement released Thursday morning, the company said in addition to the layoffs, some employees had chosen voluntary retirement and voluntary layoffs.

According to SPEEA, the union that represents some of the workers at Spirit, engineers and tech workers were affected by these layoffs. SPEEA said 118 of the members they represent were affected.

Matthew Joyce works at Spirit but is also a union representative. He told KWCH reporter Jade DeGood that 10 percent of their engineering unit has been lost because of recent layoffs. He also said they got word that people would be laid off late last night.

"It's not so much a surprise; we knew there were more layoffs coming," he said. "It's just some of us, we thought we had worked through some things and thought we were on track to stay employed here, and that ended up not being the case. ... It looks like the company is going after some straight numbers now. They have a reduction in head count that they want to do."

The company said it will offer lump sum severance pay and transitional help to the laid off workers. Those who chose to retire voluntarily will be given the lump some payment, enhanced healthcare and pension options.

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Spirit said even with the layoffs, it is continuing to hire several hundred factory workers, including assembly, composite, metals and process mechanics, and quality inspectors.

The company said the layoffs will help it meet customer demand and become more competitive.

In July, Spirit announced another layoff that included 360 managers and salaried employees in Wichita and Tulsa. In August, the company announced its two Oklahoma facilities, in Tulsa and McAlester, were up for sell.

 Here's how the U.S. Department of Labor WARN act reads:

 "A covered mass layoff occurs when 50 to 499 employees are affected during any 30-day period at a single employment site (or for certain multiple related layoffs, during a 90-day period), if these employees represent at least 33 percent of the employer's workforce where the layoff will occur, and the layoff results in an employment loss for more than six months. If the layoff affects 500 or more workers, the 33 percent rule does not apply."

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