(AUGUSTA, Kan.) -

What the drought decimated the near-record rain has helped restore.  Many Kansas lakes have seen a dramatic turnaround.

Santa Fe Lake in Butler County dried up two years ago.  Now, it's overflowing.  The lake is so full, workers are pumping water out of it into a nearby retention pond.  Meanwhile, water cascades over the spillway.

Nearby Augusta City lake has made a dramatic rebound of its own.  It's filling back up after going dry in 2011.

Both of these lakes help supply the city of Augusta with water.  City officials put mandatory water restrictions in place because of the low water.  Now, there are hopes those restrictions may be lifted.  City officials plan to revisit them this fall in hopes the current trend continues.

The lakes also supply water to the city of Mulvane and two rural water districts.

Rising lakes great news for Augusta