Belle has lived at the Salina Animal Shelter for more than eight years now. She's been the mascot of the shelter.

"Belle is a wonderful dog," Rose Base, coordinator of the animal shelter.

For the few two years, the lab mix has been losing her sight and her hearing. People working at the shelter say it's been difficult for Belle to live in such a crowded, loud and busy environment.

"It's not fair for her to be here like this," Base said. "She walks into doors or people with the door. She tries to follow them and they don't know she's back there and she can't see."

Base said she and her staff have been thinking about if for a month now and they decided the most humane thing for the dog would be to put her down if she couldn't find another home.

The home Belle needs is a quiet, slow-paced home and the workers say they won't give her over to anyone. They want to make sure Belle finds a home she can be comfortable in with her conditions.

The shelter estimates that Belle is probably about 12 years old.

If you have questions about adopting bell go to the shelter or call 785-826-6535.

Salina dog needs new home