A landlord was called police after a renter abandoned 11 dogs--7 adults and 4 puppies. Officials estimate they were alone for about five to six days.

Animal control says some of the dogs were inside, one was in the garage, one was loose,and another was in a pin. Officers on scene said the ones inside the house really wanted human interaction.

"They were in the windows when we got there, they wanted out," Monique Hawley, animal control officer said.

The four puppies are currently in foster care, but will available for adoption on August 6th. The adult dogs went up for adoption on Friday. Most of the dogs inside are very friendly, but three of the other dogs need to get used to human interaction.

"Let them know thet you're not going to hurt them, because they are just terrified," Hawley said. "They don't know what to expect."

Hawley says the case is still under investigation.

Salina dogs abandoned, animal shelter looks for new home