(WICHITA, Kan.) -

Storm Team 12 Chaser Scott Roberts has seen a few tornadoes during his career, and like any other, he won't soon forget the deadly tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma.

"Standing there and looking up at it and seeing it overcome the right hand side of my view...that will stick," Roberts tells us.

Roberts was in his vehicle, just less than a mile away from the tornado.  When it lifted, he made his way to Briarwood Elementary.

"I saw it collapsed in the middle," Roberts remembers.  "Then, I heard there were 675 kids in there."  That's when he knew he had to go to work.  He worked with emergency workers, communicating between them and frantic parents looking for their children. 

Roberts says there was never a sense of panic.  "It's really interesting how it happens in a disaster area," he says.  "It feels like everybody gets into this 'I just have to do what I have to do.'"

Roberts told us what he saw wasn't as bad as what he remembers from Greensburg, back in Kansas, in May 2007.  But after seeing the video on television he knows the damage is devastating.  The tornado was rated an EF 5 - the highest on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

Storm Team 12 chaser reflect on Moore tornado