(WICHITA, Kan.) -

Police need the public's help searching for someone who broke into an ATM at Legacy Bank near 21st and Ridge.

The vandalism happened Wednesday, August 7th just before 6:00 a.m. Surveillance images show a man using a crowbar to get into the machine.

"There's a vault inside that only allows the requested denomination out. So really, trying to break into an ATM is pretty much just a waste of time," said Legacy Bank Security Officer Travis Lowe.

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Police say this is the third time in as many weeks that someone has targeted ATM's.

Two weeks ago, police say someone wheeled an ATM off on a dolly from an east Wichita Marriott. The hotel is under renovation. Police are using surveillance video for clues in that case, as well.

The Cotillion Owner Richard Leslie captured surveillance video of his ATM being stolen from the front lobby. It shows a white man with a black towel over his head hook up his truck to the front door and pull it open. He then goes inside and wheels out the machine on a dolly. Leslie says it was a lot of effort for little reward. "They can hold a lot of money but we don't keep much in it," he said.

Police say it is a trend that leaves most thieves empty handed and frustrated. "Don't do it. When it comes to breaking into ATM's, they're really designed to prevent that from happening. In addition to that, it's just like robbing a bank so you've got all the federal charges that come along with it, too," said Lowe.

Surveillance camera captures thief breaking into ATM