As you head out the door this morning, be careful of potential flood waters.  Streets flooded from Wichita to Great Bend Sunday because of heavy rains.

A lot of the flooding has receded, but residents are still asked to be cautious.  Do not drive through flooded roadways, turn around, don't drown.

Storm Team 12 says water levels in creeks, rivers, streams and ditches will have a chance to go down today.  There will be a brief break in the rains.  But more is forecasted for the middle of the week, especially in areas that don't need the moisture.

Reno County was one of the hardest hit areas by flooding Sunday.  Commissioners there issued a local declaration of disaster.

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Shelters are open in Reno County for residents affected by the flooding. They are at the Trinity United Methodist Church at the corner of 17th Ave and Main Street in Hutchinson. There is also one at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in South Hutchinson for people evacuated from Elm Grove Estates.


Press Release from Adjutant General

Sunday afternoon, August 4, 2013

Localized flooding occurred Saturday night and is continuing this morning (Sunday) in parts of Central Kansas. Kansas Division of Emergency Management officials are urging Kansans to be cautious if planning to travel in or out of these areas or any areas with heavy rainfall, and to monitor local weather reports. Flash flooding may occur during any significant rainfall and quickly affect rural roadways and city streets as well as major highways causing enough water over the surface to create a hazard for driving or walking.

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County emergency managers in Reno, Barton, and Rice counties are reporting several areas with flooded streets and county roads. In Reno County, evacuations of two elder care facilities have occurred due to flooding and a shelter has been opened; in Rice County, evacuations are urged for residents along Cow Creek and a shelter has been opened; and in Barton County, sandbagging is underway in some areas.

Reno County:

According to local emergency management officials in Reno County, Elmwood Care Facility was evacuated because of water in the facility. Approximately 150 residents were taken to Hutchinson Regional Medical Facility or to a local shelter depending on their needs. In addition, the Dillon Living Center was evacuated this morning and residents taken to the Hutchison Regional Medical Facility. A shelter has been opened at Our Lady of Guadalupe at 612 South Maple in Hutchinson. Approximately 20 individuals were in the shelter as of 11 a.m. today. Kansas MERGe (Medical Emergency Response Group – EMS) has been assisting with evacuations along with support from nearby counties including Butler, Harvey, McPherson, Rice, and Sedgwick.

In addition, Reno County officials report flooding has affected some homes resulting in a collapsed foundation of one residence. Several rescues of individuals in vehicles caught in street flooding have also occurred. There are scattered reports of power outages.

Rice County:

In Rice County, emergency management officials are going door to door along Cow Creek urging residents to evacuate because the creek has risen seven feet since 6 a.m. today and is predicted to peak tomorrow at 18.5 feet. Rice County officials have set up a shelter at Celebration Center of Rice County located at 1145 E. Highway 56, in Lyons, Kan. Some county roads are closed with street flooding specifically in the towns of Lyons, Sterling and Bushton and county officials are discouraging travel throughout the county at this time.

Barton County:

In Barton County, the city of Ellinwood is reporting flooding on downtown streets and the county has provided sandbags for residents to pick up from a parking lot at 518 E. Santa Fe Blvd. In Great Bend, Clafin, and Hoisington, the local county emergency management officials report flooded streets, with some water over roadways in rural areas.

Lyon County has had flooding problems in the past week in and around the city of Emporia. Those areas are still affected with some county roads remaining closed today. For information on road closures, check with local officials before traveling and for information on state highways, check the Kansas Department of Transportation website (

Flood Safety:

Floodwaters can be extremely dangerous.  The force of just six inches of swiftly moving water can knock individuals off their feet.  Cars (including SUVs and pick-ups) can be swept away in just two feet of moving water. Stay away from floodwaters, storm drains, and sewers.  Flash flood waters move at a very high rate of speed and can move boulders, tear out trees, destroy buildings, and wash out bridges.  Walls of water can reach several feet high and generally are accompanied by a significant amount of debris.  The best protection during a flood is to leave the area or your car and seek shelter on higher ground.