(WICHITA, Kan.) -

The arrest early Friday morning of Jan Kilbourne came as a surprise to residents of the Wichita neighborhood who slept through the events.  But one couple was awake and saw most of what happened.

The Klangos tell Eyewitness News they saw the SWAT teams force their way into a house across the street from them before taking off down the road, all around 3 in the morning.  They say it's not the first time there's been problems in the neighborhood but it's definitely the most dramatic.

"I'd woken up and I came to the front door for some odd reason and just opened it up and looked out and I saw the armored vehicle," said Cindy Klangos.  At first she couldn't figure out what she was seeing.  "My first thought was maybe it's an ambulance," she said.  "And I realized that, 'Oh my God, that must be a swat team!'"

She and her husband, Nick, say they watched the Wichita SWAT team batter down the door of the house across the street from them.

"All of a sudden we heard smashing, breaking glass, splintering wood and yelling and stuff like that," said Nick Klangos.  "It was pretty frightening, seeing how they were all aimed at that house, moving towards it and everything."

But then they say the SWAT team left.

"They all jumped on their SWAT vehicle, armored vehicle, and tore off down the street," he said.

Police say the suspect, Jan Kilbourne, ran.  They caught up with him a block away.  Police arrested Kilbourne in relation to the shooting of a Butler County deputy Monday.

"Now that I know what it was, I'm... that's very scary," said Cindy Klangos.
Police say the house where Kilbourne was hiding is one of several in the neighborhood that has been a problem for them.  That's no surprise to the Klangos.

"I thought it must be drugs because this neighborhood, unfortunately, is known for drugs," said Cindy Klangos.

"You can't get away from it. They're everywhere and you never know, you know?  Who's going to be the bad guy?" said Nick Klangos.

The Klangos say the people who live in the house only moved in this week. 

The home's owner lives in Oklahoma and owns several rental properties in Wichita, including this house.  He told Eyewitness News he knew nothing about what had happened until we called him.  He said he'd just gotten rid of a problem renter and hoped this incident had nothing to do with his new renters.

Video: Wichita neighborhood surprised by overnight arrest