COLBY, Kan -

It started with news that rocked a Colby family's world, but what happened next has inspired more than Alisa Finley could have ever imagined.

Alisa is 18-years-old and is looking forward to graduating from Colby High School this May. But after a diagnosis two years ago her family wasn't sure how long they'd have with her.

"It's glioblastoma stage 4 PXA," said Alisa's mom Theresa Cable-Finley. "Her cancer makes cysts as well, which is just as deadly as the tumor itself. Where it's come from we don't know."

Alisa has five siblings and is the youngest of three girls. Her family moved from Colorado a few years ago because of financial struggles due to her dad being diagnosed with stage 2 Astrocytoma. Alisa's sister also was found to have Ovarian cancer at age 22.

One week during dance camp, her mom said Alisa started feeling sick and was put on antibiotics for pressure in her ears that doctors thought was sinuses. But when Alisa came home one day in July without vision in her right eye, they knew it was much bigger.

After a CT Scan, the Finley's life was changed forever. She had a tumor and the tumor had cysts, both possibly deadly. They removed the tumor, but it came back. They removed it a second time, it came back again.

"When Alisa was told by the Dr's there was no more they could do, she had a tear in her eye when she looked at her mom and said 'Nope, I'm not going to do this,'" writes Theresa on a Facebook post. "She smiled at the Dr.s told them Thank you and was ready to go home. There is a hope in her that if her dad and sister can keep surviving their cancer, just maybe today can be her good day."

So Alisa and her mom went home and decided they would live for today.

"After we got the bad news, we were both pretty upset, so when we got home I asked her if she was a million years to live what would she want to do," said her mom.

That's when Alisa's Bucket List was born. She came up with some of the list on her own and other items were suggested by friends and family. They posted in on Facebook and others in the Colby community stepped up to help.

They created "Help Alisa", a Facebook page to help spread the word and coordinate how they would mark off bucket list items.

They planned a "Pie War", number 19 on the list, at Colby High School. The same day she also was able to complete #39, "Have a guy sing to me" when Brock Wagoner sang her a song by her favorite artist, Luke Bryant.

Spring break helped her complete two other items on her list as her mom took her to Paris, #6  "Go to Europe". While there she got a peck on the check from a man under the Eiffel Tower, #24.

But perhaps the most important wish is told by the number it falls on the list. #1 - Kiss Channing Tatum. This one is also completed... well sort of. The actor sent Alisa a personal message from the Oscars and blew her an air kiss.

"Alisa, hello my love," said the video message. "We're here and just wanted to give you a big ole' kiss and say we love you."

It goes on with Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, singing to the tune of Pharrell Williams's "Happy". Click here to watch the video.

Not only are people all over the globe helping Alisa complete her bucket list items, they are also sending photos to inspire her. They've come from the Netherlands, Bolivia, Israel, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Canada, across the US, you get the point. Many holding signs saying "Thinking of Alisa Finley from _______"

It's easy to see, through this Bucket List she's completed #17, "Give people a reason to remember me."

Her story has also made it in headlines across America. Teen with Stage-4 Brain Cancer Gets Video Kiss from Channing Tatum on People Magazine, Channing Tatum sends adorably sweet message to cancer patient on CosmopolitanInternet Helps Fulfill Girl's Bucket List, Which Included A 'Kiss' From Channing Tatum on Huffington Post, just to name a few. Now the team of faithful followers is asking all of her 30,000 Facebook fans to message The Ellen Degeneres Show.

"We are trying to get Alisa on the Ellen show! So please click this link and send her a message about Alisa's Butterflies! HOPE...FULLY Ellen will find out about Alisa tomorrow (Channing will be there filming the episode that airs on Friday!) When you fill this out... we've had some really good questions.. whose info do I put... YOURS! Which picture do I send..anything that you have. what should I say? Talk about Alisas page and how Channing has helped out and how Alisa is all over the news!" --Alisa's Butterflies

Here's Alisa's Bucket List:

1-Kiss Channing Tatum- DONE (via video)
2-Indoor sky diving-
3-throw a big party (on April 26th)
4-go on a Disney cruise-
5-swim with dolphins
6-go to Europe DONE
7-go to Vegas
8-scuba diving in the great barrier ref-
9-hot air balloon ride
10- learn to shoot a gun
11-ride a mechanical bull
12-ride an elephant
13-try every cheesecake at the cheesecake factory DONE
14-go on a taxi ride and say follow that car
15-release a bunch of lanterns into the sky
16-get chocolate wasted
17-give people a reason to remember me DONE (Alisa Completed :) )
18-say yes to everything for a whole day
19-pie war DONE
20-drive all day blasting music
21-travel to every state
22-go to new york and go site seeing
23-go to Alaska- Planned for after graduation
24-kiss under the Eiffel tower DONE
25-walk on the great wall of china
26-live a happy life DONE
27-no fb for 2 weeks DONE
28-pay in pennies DONE
29-go zip lining
30-go to time square for new year
31-water sliding from dusk til dawn
32-bake a rainbow cake
33-hold a baby lion 
34-drink from a coconut
35-go through a drive thru on a horse
36-bake in the middle of the night with someone you love
37-go to the drive in movies
38-have a glow stick fight
39-have a guy sing to me DONE
40-propose to a stranger DONE
41-tie msgs in balloons and release them
42-kiss underwater
43-ride a dolphin
44-play messy twister
45-have a paint fight-
46-jump in a pool fully clothed
47-make an adventure book-
48-go mudding

If you'd like to help Alisa check off one of the bucket list items, contact Brandi Wark on the Facebook Page "Help Alisa" or click here.

You can also send a message with details of how you would like to help  to "Alisa's Butterflies" or click here.