SYLVIA, Kan. -

An alpaca ranch owner found 11 of his animals dead on Thanksgiving.
He says two dogs attacked them and all of the aplacas in that pasture were either dead when he got there or so badly injured that he had to put them down. A llama was also injured, but is still alive.
"These animals are defenseless," Murphy said. "They are sweet, lovable animals, to have them just ripped apart like that, it's pretty emotionally devastating."
His son, Curtis Belvin was going to feed his some of his father's alpacas Thursday evening, when he noticed they didn't come to the gate. That's when he says he saw a brown dog and a large black and white pit bull.
Belvin immediately called his father and Murphy shot the brown dog, but the pit bull got away.
"People in the community are worried," Murphy said. "Do you let your dogs out? Do you let your kids out?"
The Reno County Sheriff's office says they are still trying to locate the second dog and find out who owns them.
Murphy owns the Prairie Oaks Bed and Breakfast as well as the Flying M Ranch. He has about 90 more alpacas that live in the barn by the house. They were not harmed. He sells their wool and says each alpaca is worth about $1,000.