Police in Arkansas City arrest a man accused of attacking a bartender.  Police were called to a bar in the 600 block of W. Madison early Monday morning.  As police showed up, they were told the man in question ran down an alley.  Officers found the man hiding in some grass and took him into custody.

Police say the man was combative, belligerent and would not comply with commands.  He was taken to the Cowley County Jail from the scene.

During their investigation, officers learned that the man got into an altercation with after he was asked to step outside to smoke a cigarette.  According to police, the man became angry and started swearing at other patrons and threatening them with pool balls.

The bartender stepped between the man and the other bar patrons.  The bartender turned away once the man put the pool balls down.  At that point, police say the bartender was struck from behind, breaking a tooth and causing scrapes on his arms.

The other bar patrons chased the man out of the bar and across the street.  The man then grabbed items off someone's porch and threw those at the patrons, though none of them were hurt.

The suspect was arrested on several charges including Aggravated Battery, Theft and Obstructing the Legal Process.  His bond was set at $11,500.