An elk that escaped from a northwest Wichita property is shot and killed by authorities.

Crews were trying to capture the animal for much of the afternoon. The loose elk forced officers to shut down part of westbound maple for part of the Monday as they tried to capture it. The elk moved along river along the big ditch at 235 and made its way to Hoover and Kellogg where it was shot. Crews were trying to tranquilize it.

Officers had been trying to tranquilize the animal since about 10:00 a.m., but by the time it got so close to Kellogg, the person with the tranquilizer was not nearby. That's why officers decided to shoot the elk, to prevent it from running onto the highway.

The elk was one of three that got out inside the city limits. The owner said he was planning to butcher the elk at the end of this year. He thinks the elk escaped when they were spooked by dove hunters in the area. Although the elk have gotten out before, they've never traveled as far as they did today, which was about five miles.