Many vets said he would never walk again, but thanks to alternative treatments, Axle may have a second chance.

Axle is a Mastiff puppy who is paralyzed from the waist down. He was left at a shelter and is currently being fostered by a loving mother and her son.

He's undergoing acupuncture, laser treatment and physical therapy in hopes that one day he'll be able to walk on his own.

Jessica Sherwood and her son Jordan foster Axle as well as several other dogs for an animal rescue group, K-9 Karma Animal Advocates.

Sherwood says Axle is already a part of her family, but will have trouble caring for him when he grows full size if he is still unable to walk.

"We all love him fully, and we would love him to stay with us but when he's 150 pounds, I can't," Sherwood said. " My back won't allow it, he's not strong enough yet to do it, so I'm like please walk again."

Sherwood and her son make the trip across town twice a week searching for a cure for Axle. They take him to Doctor Jan Hinshaw who applies the treatments.

Sherwood says Axle has shown improvement, standing on his own for a brief moment.

See pictures of Axle here.

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Axle will be at a K9 Karma Garage Sale tomorrow from 8-6 at the Pink Door located at 1316 west Douglas.