Wichita police say a six-month-old baby is in the hospital in very serious condition, after his parents discovered a lump on his head.

It happened just before 9:30 Friday night in the 1000 blk. of S. Pineridge Street. Police said the child's parents had left the six-month-old at home with two babysitters. When they got home, they found a lump on the baby's head, and took him to the hospital. He was admitted with serious injuries, and was found to have a fractured skull.

EMCU is investigating this case.

Saturday morning, neighbors said police were at the home. Corey Martin lives two doors down and said loud noises woke him up.

"About 6:45 this morning, I was awoken by a loud crash and noise," Martin said. "I looked out the window and there was 7 or 6 cop cars out here exactly two houses down from us."

He said he didn't just see police cars, as some other neighbors did. He also saw officers.

"Basically saw probably four cops standing outside with their guns drawn," he said. "Didn't know what was going on; figured it was probably a raid."

Another neighbor who lives across the street said he saw officers forcefully enter the home this morning. Martin said he saw that too.

"They had a battering ram out and they were using that to knock the door in," Martin said. "Came out of the house about 7:30 or so to get breakfast and I witnessed him getting put in the back of a police vehicle with handcuffs on."

Sergeant Hoofer of the Wichita Police Department said often times, officers draw their weapons for safety. He said in this situation, nobody has been arrested and it is common for officers to take people into custody to interview them and then release them. He said it seems that is the case. He said so far, none of the officers working the case have turned in any arrest reports which are required for someone to be booked into jail.

Neighbors said the family had lived there about a year. Nobody Eyewitness news spoke with knew them well. Martin said they were quieter and kept to themselves.

"They'd say hi every once in a while when they drove by or something like that, but other than that, they never made contact with anybody," Martin said.