Summer break is almost over and that means back to school. The first day of school for Wichita Public Schools is August 12.

You may have them enrolled and prepared with the supplies they need for day one, but is your youngster ready for the routine of being back in school?

We talked with a local pediatrician Dr. Patrick Bowen about ways to make the transition easier. He says resuming the school routine a little early can help reset your child's body clock.

Bowen says talk with your kids about bedtime expectations. He also says to make a dry run through the morning routine. Get up on time, get prepared and drive to the school or get them to the bus stop.

"Anything that can reduce stress, maybe making a dry run before school starts kind of what the morning is going to be like, how you're going to get to school, what route," Dr. Bowen said. "Especially for kids who are going to a new school or going to the school for the first time, that would be important so they won't be stressed out."

Bowen says small children need at least 10 hours of sleep, teenagers need at least eight.