(Wichita, Kan.) -

There are all sorts of packages and deals out there when it comes to seeing Kansas schools play in the tournament but some of them may not be  legit.

The Better Business Bureau wants fans to beware before they purchase.

It seems everyone is trying to get to St. Louis to see the Shockers, Jayhawks and Wildcats play.

But not everyone has tickets.   If you take a look online there are multiple ads posted on Craigslist with people claiming to get you seats for a price.

The BBB says  many of these deals are fake and could put you at a loss with no tickets to the game or even worse.

"You're gonna give out your credit information and your name and you open yourself up for identify theft," said Robbie Namee.

The BBB says it's time of year when people prey on folks.  It can't regulate every site but it monitors certain ones.

The Better Business Bureau says if you do end up purchasing tickets outside of the schools or NCAA, pay with a credit card so that if it is a scam, you can dispute the charge and possibly avoid identity theft.