Whether you "Rock Chalk","EMAW" or "Go Shox" those who sell beer win during the NCAA tournament.

Beer distributor House of Schwan is the official partner of Wichita State University and says the winning season is a big win for them. Out of their 300+ kinds of beer, "Shock Top" seems to be a fan favorite.

"Having fun with the play on the two names," said Mark McMillan, a sales representative with House of Schwan. "Why not drink something that coincides with the Shockers?"

The company says it has sold 88% more "Shock Top" beer this March, than last March.

"Shock Top has actually grown very well for us over the last couple of weeks, especially with March and all the madness going on," said McMillan. "It's good for us, it's good for businesses and everybody's happy."

The reason for the large orders, packed restaurants and bars. Those with TVs tuned to the tournament got ready early for a rush of fans. With all three teams playing on the same day, the businesses had to be ready for a day of drinking.

"I'm going to celebrate and watch the Shockers win," said Ashlyn Leinen, who got to Joe's Bar at 10:30 a.m. Friday to save a table for her friends. "We're just really excited to watch everybody come in here and celebrate with us. "

Another dedicated fan started her day at 11:00 a.m. saving a table for her boss and co-workers.

"He said, so we had a table, to come down here and sit," said Rebecca Nuessen. "It's actually nice to get paid to come here and sit for him."