Drivers near Bel Aire say holes in one road have been getting worse for months, and they've gotten especially bad since the last storm.

"And if somebody didn't see one of these holes, especially at night, it could be bad. I mean I would hate to see somebody roll their vehicle because they hit a pothole," said Nicki Scheid, who lives in the area. "It's kind of like a video game," said Scheid. "You have to really pay attention to who's coming toward you."

Scheid says the roads on the edge of Bel Aire and Wichita have been falling apart for months.

Bel Aire is responsible for a portion of 45th Street.  The city knows just how bad things are and says 45th Street isn't the only road that needs work. That's why the city's taking out a $1 million loan to fix roads this spring.

"We had a couple little spot pothole fixes down further on the road, but there just hasn't been anything good," said Scheid. "Now the whole road's just kind of giving way in certain spots."

It's gotten so bad that in places the road is basically one lane.

"I mean, I know there's shortfalls and everybody's got to cut places," Scheid said.  "But, you know when you're writing out that tax check it gets a little irritating that the roads are this bad."

The City of Bel Aire says the potholes should be fixed by late spring to early summer.

Among other roads Bel Aire is planning on fixing this spring is a section of 37th Street North, between Woodlawn and Oliver. That project will be paid for by Bel Aire, the City of Wichita and a federal roads grant.