Rodney Molett is starting his sophomore year at Bethany College. Like most students at a smaller school, he is living with a roommate in a “dorm” style room with two beds and a shared space. However, his dorm isn’t in an actual dormitory, it’s in the Coronado Motel.

He’s just one of a number of students that are staying in motels across Lindsborg because there's just not enough room at the dorms. Last year they had 12 students staying at the motels, but this year it's about 60.

“We ended up having another significant increase in enrollment, which made the challenge even greater,” Bethany President Edward Leonard said. “As a result, we had to rent out the entire Coronado Motel and five rooms or 10 beds at Viking Motel.”

The school plans to tear down a vacant dorm and build a new one by next fall, but most students don't seem to mind their new arrangements.

“You’ve got your own bathroom like we’ve always wanted,” Molett said. “Our own sink, a queen size bed that I can spread out in instead of a twin bed where I am hanging off of it.”

It is a little cheaper to stay at the motel, because it's about half a mile walk to campus

Bethany College is trying to reach 1,000 students by 2021.