If you were driving on Kellogg Wednesday morning, you may have seen an unusual road hazard. Several dozen rocks fell onto the highway, shutting down the westbound lanes of traffic.

No one was hurt or hit by the debris, thanks in part to a high tech system we have in place on the highways.

The 911 center is blocks away from any highway, but inside operators always have a clear view of traffic.

"We've got a lot of cameras out there, we've got pretty good coverage on most of Kellogg, a lot of I-135," says Kansas Department of Transportation Public Affairs Manager Tom Hein. "We don't have complete coverage on all of our highways just yet, but we are working on that."

Those cameras all have sensors that measure speeds. When all is well, the map is green. If lines turn yellow, it means traffic has slowed down and it's a trigger that something could be wrong.

"We immediately try to figure out what that is, whether it is concrete chunks on the highway or an accident or maybe it is just normal congestion," Hein said.

Whenever there is an accident or an officer has pulled someone over, drivers get the warning on multiple message boards around town. Often within a minute or two of something happening.

Plus that information is shared immediately on twitter and Facebook

"We are trying to share this information to let drivers make their own decisions if there are problems, because there is always a way to reroute in Wichita," Hein said.