(WICHITA, Kan.) -

How well does Kansas show its love for the red, white and blue?

Not well at all, if you believe a recent blog study, which ranks the Sunflower state #42 in the nation for its level of patriotism.

Online real estate brokerage site Movoto released a list of rankings, based on what it calls a "pretty good" methodology.

States were measured on the following criteria: 

  • National Historic Landmarks per Capita
  • Veterans per Capita
  • Money Spent to Fund Veterans
  • Percent of Residents That Voted in the Last Presidential Election
  • People Who Google For American Flags to buy
  • People Who List America as an Interest on Facebook

South Carolina came in #1, boosted mostly by its top score in the Google search category and a #7 ranking in per capita veterans.

Maine, North Carolina, Wyoming and Virginia rounded out the top 5.  California was 50th in the rankings.

The #42 ranking was a disappointment to Kansans we spoke with.  Many disagreed and said they didn't need a blog to tell them the state is patriotic.