Just when we thought winter was out of here, many Kansans woke up to a fresh layer of snow Monday morning.

While most parts of the state didn't see much snow accumulation, it was still enough to cause more than a few problems on roadways around the Wichita area. Various agencies reported responding to a number of accidents between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 Monday morning:

Kansas Highway Patrol (South Central Kansas): 12 accidents, 3 involving injuries
Sedgwick County: 6 accidents, 4 involving injuries
Reno County: 15 accidents, 3 involving injuries
McPherson County: 1 injury accident
Butler County: 1 non-injury accident

Emergency response teams said a number of these accidents were along overpasses and bridges, where pavement tends to freeze easier.

"When you have air, the wind blowing underneath the bridge plus the snow that's coming down you're going to have these lower temperatures and it's going to cause the snow to freeze," said Deputy Jeremy Jameson with Sedgwick County. "Once it freezes on these overpasses, it becomes an ice rink."

One rollover on the Tyler Street bridge over K-96 also led to several, smaller wrecks. Because roads were clear in town, many drivers forget to slow down when crossing bridges and if there's already been an accident, a pileup can happen quick.

"Unfortunately we have other people that are following behind it and due to these icy conditions they were unable to stop and ended up running into each other," added Deputy Jameson.

Monday's snowfall was also recorded as the second latest snowfall in Wichita. Total accumulation was 0.3 inches.