SALINA, Kan. -

Kansas State- Salina started classes this week. A new bunch of students are on campus this year. Fifty five students from Brazil came to study a wide variety of engineering fields.

One of those Brazilian students studying engineering is Joao Cruz. "I always say, hey Americans you just call me "John", that's my American character,"says Cruz.

"John" is a long way from home.

"I live in Sao Paulo back in Brazil and it's a twenty one million person town, it's huge, people don't know you, traffic is crazy. I take two hours to drive fifteen miles,"says Cruz.

That's just one of the reasons "John" came to America. He came to Salina specifically to be part of a new program, the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. The relatively small university has had to make some pretty big arrangements to have these students come here.

Dixie Schierlman is the Associate Dean of Student Life at the University and says they are excited to have the students on campus. She also says employees at the school were working all summer to prepare for the students.

"We made arrangements at a hotel because we are in an overflow situation with the residents halls which is always a good challenge," says Schierlman.

The engineering department is even adding a petroleum engineering degree for the students. Mark Jackson is the head of the engineering department and will work with the students on their engineering futures.

"It's a very big deal and we hope it will lead to growing jobs for Kansans in the future," says Jackson.

Although "John" may be far from Brazil, he says Kansas still feels like home,

"Everyone says hi to us, hey what's up Johnny, how's it going, how's your first day, so it's great, I feel like home,"says Cruz.

The school is also providing the students with bikes. The university says they are in contact with the city to possible make bike lanes in town for them. If you would like, you can also sign up to be a "host family" for one of the students.