Mental health patients in Sedgwick County received a boost from commissioners with the approval of gap funding for the Breakthrough Club.

The commission voted unanimously Wednesday to approve $137,500 to help the club stay afloat while it explores other funding options.

The amount is half the $275,000 the Breakthrough Club receives annually from COMCARE. The county's mental health agency announced last month it would stop providing the grant in 2014.

Breakthrough members and supporters packed the commission meeting in hopes of demonstrating the need for the club to help socialize people with mental health problems and keep them on a path toward productive lives.

Though all commissioners supported the funding, they made it clear the help was temporary.

"It's not a forever thing," Commissioner Tim Norton told the audience.

Barbara Andres, Breakthrough Club's executive director, called the help an "early Christmas gift" and said it will provide more time for the club to get on a road to self-sustainability.Breakthr