FactFinder 12 first showed you a mistake in Governor Sam Brownback's campaign letter last night at 10. (See that story here.)

The letter makes claims that there were significant increases in the state bankaccount since Brownback took office, saying he helped grow the economy. The dates for the money figures were incorrect, off by 6 months.

Critics say it made Brownback look like he grew the state's bank account by more than $700 million when it was actually closer to $30 million.

Today, we spoke with the governor and asked him what happened. He admits the dates are wrong but says it didn't over state the situation--if anything he says, it understated it.

"The actual situation was worse than that letter describes. Because they had less than $1,000 at the end of the fiscal year when we started the fiscal year we had $230 million cash on hand or something like that," Brownback said. "But you had a $500 million dollar deficit in that year one. "If we do nothing you have a $500 million hole. So we had to make huge amounts of changes."

He went on to say he expects to finish this fiscal year which ends in June in a strong way. He wasn't sure what the dollar amounts will look like.