(Wichita, Kan.) -

Wichita Police call it a true case of the Grinch that stole Christmas after burglars break into a south Wichita home and steal all the presents from under the tree.

The Reyes family has three young boys.  When they came home Saturday morning, they found their Christmas tree knocked over and all the presents underneath it gone.

Erica Reyes says she still can't believe the mess thieves left inside her home.

"They stole all our televisions, my husband's laptop,  my husband's Xbox, the games, mostly electronic things is what they stole," said Reyes.

Police say burglars broke into this house on South Osage and ransacked the place before getting away with a lot of goods.

Sgt. Kenneth Kimble says it's one of most heartless burglaries he's seen in a while.

"This is truly a Grinch. We have burglaries all the time where people steal jewelery and electronics and stuff like that but it seems like they targeted the gifts. They knocked over the tree, they ripped over the presents, they ate candy," said Kimble.

Detectives say the burglars came in through the basement window and worked their way through the house.

Police searched the area but don't find many clues.   They're hoping someone will send in tips, to help find who committed this crime.

In the meantime, Sgt. Kimble says he's rounding up his troops to make this Christmas special for this family. 

"We're gonna go out and go shopping for them and replace these gifts. I've had officer contact me in the first 30 minutes of the call telling me they were willing to help out in any way that they can," he said.

The Reyes family says even though the presents are gone, they're relieved no one was hurt.

"I'm so thankful we weren't here. Those things we can get again, but us, you can't," she said.

Wichita Police say if you have any information about the crime, you can all 316-350-3460 with tips.

If you'd like to make a donation to the family, you can email kkimble@wichita.gov for details on how to give.