After a explosion destroyed their home earlier this week, a Butler County couple returned home Saturday to clear out what's left of their belongings from inside the house.

Mike Kane, his wife and several of their family members and friends were at the house most of the day Saturday, carefully combing through the home trying to salvage what they can. As they carried out belongings, the ground was littered with broken items, shattered glass, and a fresh layer of dust.

"Picking things up, wiping it off, seeing things that have been broken," said Kane. "Most of it is pictures of family members and pictures that can't be replaced and that's kind of hard."

But the Kane's weren't sifting through the damage alone. Mike, a Vietnam veteran, said his brothers in service and members of several local VFW Posts were quick to help.

"The first phone call I got was from a VFW member saying 'are you okay brother? Can I do anything to help you?'" Kane said.

A group of helping hands, friends and family members alike, also came out on Saturday to help the Kane's empty the house, offering physical and mental support every step of the way.

"With the VFW, we've all been through conflict overseas and so it's a bond that we share and something we reflect on," said Terry Fletcher, VFW Department of Riders Chairman. "So, we're brothers is what it is."

It's a family-like behavior that's not uncommon for these brothers and sisters, especially when times to get tough.

"We're all joined together to help one another," added Kane. "That's what we did then and that's what we do now."

"We served in conflict, when we got back home we still serve," continued Fletcher. "We still serve our communities, we still serve our brothers and sisters. So, it's just a honor to get to do this."

Kane said they'll finish removing all of their belongings from their home before it's bull-dozed sometime in the coming week. They hope to rebuild a new home in the same location.

Investigators say the cause of Tuesday's home explosion was a propane leak inside the home. They still aren't sure what exactly caused it to ignite. Kane was home at the time of the explosion. Despite being thrown by the blast, he walked away with minor injuries and said he's already feeling much better.